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রাতুল সরকার কলকাতা Published 15.03.24, 09:25 AM
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New Delhi:

In a big move towards transparency in political funding, the Election Commission of India has uploaded the data of the electoral bonds given to it by the State Bank of India. The details have been uploaded on Thursday, a day before the deadline set by the Supreme Court.


The data pertains to purchases of bonds of denominations between 1,000 and 1 crore dating back to April 12, 2019, and reveals purchases by companies as well as individuals.

The EC's website has two lists. The first is of companies that purchased electoral bonds, along with the denomination and dates. The other has names of the political parties as well as the denominations of the bonds and the dates on which they were encashed. There is, however, no way of correlating the lists and finding out which company or individual had donated to which party.


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